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20 Interesting Facts About The Dominican Republic

1. In 1492, Christopher Columbus founded Santo Domingo, the first European settlement on the island of Hispaniola. Hispaniola separated into Haiti and Santo Domingo in 1804. Haiti ruled over the entire island until the Dominican Republic finally gained independence in 1844. Columbus’s influence in the country’s early history is so admired that they dedicated the Faro a Colon lighthouse to [...]

Car Rentals In The Domincan Republic

When you’re staying in Dominican Republic villas, The best way to explore the Dominican Republic is by renting a car. Although public transportation and taxis are good choices for short distances, a car rental provides the ultimate in flexibility. Rental car agencies in the Dominican Republic consist of both large international companies and local agencies. At the major agencies, renters will [...]

10 Classic Rum Drinks

10 White and Dark Rum Drinks You Must TryRum has a reputation in America as a mixer liquor. Though it does have a complex and varied tradition, having many different forms across all the continents it’s made on (every one, except Antarctica of course), it truly is an extremely versatile drink and any all-inclusive Dominican Republic villa worth its salt will have a [...]

Morir Sonando The Hangover Helper

Some mornings a “virgin” beverage is a welcome substitute for the previous evening’s more ambitious drinks. We’re talking hangovers, folks. They happen to the best of us. Luckily, we know of a nice little island concoction that soothes what ails you: Morir soñando is a tropical beverage that originated in the Dominican Republic but is now popular in many Latin American [...]

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