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Activities/Organized Activities For Teens And Young Adults

The staff at Sunrise Villa are always happy to help organize special activities for your group. We have a concierge, two hosts, and a youth host to help plan your days beyond the Villa walls. Other pages such as the Area Activities page and the Organized Activities for Teens and Young Adults provide additional information on excursions such as golf, [...]

10 Facts About The DR That May Surprise You

The Dominican Republic celebrated its 170th year of independence from Haiti on February 27th earlier this year. Since then, the Dominican Republic has become a cultural hub of the Caribbean and one of the more popular travel destinations for tourists. In honor of this great countries independence, here are ten facts that you probably didn’t know about the culture and life [...]

Whale Watching Cabrera

Every year, humpback whales make their annual migratory trip from polar waters to tropical waters. This seasonal migration creates a wonderful whale-watching opportunity in the Dominican Republic every winter. From mid-January to the end of March, the humpback whales arrive in the Caribbean Sea after traveling 2,000 to 4,000 miles from the feeding grounds off Greenland, Iceland, the eastern coast [...]

The Best Beaches In Cabrera Dominican Republic

The best beaches in Cabrera Vacation is a necessary part of life. It provides an escape from the stress of everyday responsibilities. It could be as simple as visiting a friend in another city for a few days. But, the best vacations are often the ones where you travel abroad to locations unlike any other. People also tend to take vacation very [...]

What to wear in the Dominican Republic during your trip

  She has large ear-rings When you are taking a trip to the Dominican Republic, you must know how to dress for the heat and humidity. Though most all-inclusive Dominican Republic villas have air conditioning, don’t expect it outside of your bedroom. Your trip will be a soaring success if you are dressed well, but you may not [...]

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