Manny’s Bar Restaurant

For the best food, the best drinks, the best view of the ocean in Cabrera while you are eating, and the best memories of visiting the Dominican Republic, Manny’s Bar Restaurant is “The Spot!” The friendly people, laid-back atmosphere, and great music make this the place that I simply have to get back to. Everybody loves Manny’s; the tourists, and the locals, and I know why – it’s because of the great times that we all can depend on having there.

This photo of Manny’s Bar Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Manny’s Bar Restaurant is set on a quiet street away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist activity, and the rear of the restaurant opens right out onto the beach. From the second floor terrace, you can catch the cool ocean breezes and have a clear view of the ocean, the whales, and the cliffs.

The ambiance at Manny’s is like a cozy cabin on the inside. It’s decorated with an assortment of unusual and interesting things to look at, like license plates from all over the world, and lots of other things. The menu is casually written of a huge chalkboard, and everything that my friends and I tried was simply scrumptious! The fish was so fresh and tasty that it made a permanent impression, and the sauces were awesome. Now all fish dinners that my friends and I eat pale in comparison to the great food that we had at Manny’s.

We were lucky to experience Manny’s Happy Hour, and it was simply AMAZING! The Cubra Libres were just over a dollar, and my buddy adored his award winning Caipirinha. Manny is pretty generous with the shot glass, I was told. I’m not a drinker, but it was fun to see my friends enjoy themselves and just watch the waves roll in, and the whales dancing in the water. The coffee that I drank was rich and full, and I did enjoy that very much.

If you’ve been to Sunrise Villa, you know you barely have to roll out of bed to enjoy local flavor in luxuious comfort. But my friends and I wanted to explore a bit, and thankfully I discovered Manny’s. The music that we walked into felt so welcoming that coming back to Manny’s started to feel like coming to our special local hangout. Manny and the staff remembered us, and were so glad to see us return. The kick-back cozy atmosphere; the friendly staff and happy customers; and the mix of Latin music with reggae and classic rock makes it easy to shake the dust off the day and just relax, settle in, have some mamajuana, and watch the ocean birds sail through the sky, the whales dance in the ocean, and the hypnotic waves roll back and forth. Some great memories of our trip to the Caribbean were made at Manny’s. You’ve got to go there if you get the chance!