The staff at Sunrise Villa are always happy to help organize special activities for your group. We have a concierge, two hosts, and a youth host to help plan your days beyond the Villa walls. Other pages such as the Area Activities page and the Organized Activities for Teens and Young Adults provide additional information on excursions such as golf, scuba diving, and ziplining. The staff will always provide cost and itinerary information before making any bookings or commitments.

Not sure what you’d like to do?

The staff has plenty of recommendations and suggestions! If you’d like a dinner out “on the town,” it’s on us. Have restless teenagers on your hands? We have excursions that will keep them reliving the experience all year long. If you see or hear of something you’d like to do that isn’t listed here on the site, the staff will be happy to accommodate you. The owners have been staying at the villa for years, bringing family and friends of all ages. Trust us, if there’s something fun in the area, we can recommend it!

Youth Host & Organized Activities for Children

Sunrise Villa has a full-time Youth Host to help arrange activities for your children, teens, and young adults. We offer three pre-planned, organized activities for teens and young adults. In addition to these planned activities, your guide can accompany them to other outside the villa activities like horseback-riding and zip lining.

Our youth host will engage your children with a variety of organized activities. We offer several different beach games, board games and videos for rainy days. The kids will love our popular beach “treasure hunt”. Using a real metal detector, the children can explore for hidden treasure. We have sand toys, pool toys, and other beach games available.

She also serves as your ‘mother’s helper” and nanny for families with smaller children. This is all at no charge to you, but it’s always nice to tip the nanny!

If you have children under 5 years old, and the youth host is occupied with the older kids, you may request an additional nanny to help with the little ones. This fee is $40 per day (approximately $5/hour).

Have a special occasion?

Sunrise Villa is locally known as “Villa Amanecer”and has been the setting for numerous weddings every year. Sitting on a rock cliff 20 feet above a beautifully preserved Caribbean beach, the Villa effortlessly provides ambiance for your special occasion.