Perfect for mornings after heavy drinking and good for headaches

Thank you from Mélanie…

I wish to share all my knowledge and experience from around the world with you, and hope that you too may benefit from it!


  • Kinesiology Degree – HBA York University, Canada
  • Sports Therapy Certification
  • Personal Trainer Certification
  • Bootcamp Instructor Certification
  • Euro-Gym Fitness Instructor Hungary
  • Ontario Police Fitness Appraiser
  • Yong In University Taekwondo Training Certification South Korea
  • Pilates Teacher Training Course
  • Transformation Meditation Teacher Certification
  • Stillness of Breath Pranayama Teacher Certification
  • Prananadi Energy Healing & Reiki Level 1&2 Hungary
  • Certified Yoga Instructor Bali
  • Chit Shakti Prakrya Teacher’s Training Certification India
  • Ashtanga Teacher training India
  • SUP Yoga Teacher Training Certification California
  • Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training
  • Extensive QiGong Movement, Breathing and Meditation Course
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza courses including Week Long Advanced Retreats
  • Beyond Holistic Medicine: The Biological Wisdom of German New Medicine
  • Food Matters Nutrition Certification
  • Plant-Based Sports Nutrition Certification
  • Holistic Nutrition Courses Seneca College Canada
  • First Aid/CPR

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