This week, Yves Levasseur of Levasseur Warren Inc. & Hugo Berger of Télétravail Académie were planning their next Altura Summits retreat.

In Cabrera to scout Sunrise Villa, located in the exclusive Orchid Bay gated community in the Dominican Republic.

’’… After 2 years of forced telework, the time has come for organizations to re-shape themselves according to new flexible productive standards in order to reward their loyal staff as well as offering attractive hiring packages in order to capture the limited available talent’’ says Yves Levasseur during the sit down at the Mañana Bar in Sunrise Villa.

Breaking the paradigms of remote work

Let’s say that our guest is not at his first rodeo given his impressive track record in sales, marketing and was awarded multiple times as a key organizational coach & leader.

Already in 2007 at Yellow Pages Group, Mr. Levasseur was a master at bringing people together in a remote work environment given the nature of the now defunct print directory business back then.

Aggressive sales target to meet, editing & printing deadline dates to respect and a ever rapidly evolving media market with an aging saleforce?

’’…No problem – Yves made it work for everyone so that we could go faster alone while going further together all at the same time.’’ Relate Guillaume Authier from local marketing agency

Providing access to remote work for the salesforce 24-7 was key to make it into the deadlines to maximize revenues from all angles – thanks to connectivity provided by Telus on USB stick that the account executives would connect to their Toshiba Tablet PC designed for live demos, ads sketching & mockups as well as contract signature… 16 years ago!

Attracting and retaining talent – breaking the boundaries of frontiers

Bringing people together requires connectivity and the right chemistry. The natural tropical landscape of Sunrise Villa will definitely bring a team together with the expert staff catering to your every need and sparking fun throughout the layback yet upscale ambiance of our beachfront mansion.

As far as connectivity goes…

With blazing fast fiber optic testing at a steady 100Mbps download & 45Mbps upload you can count on a robust infrastructure in all suites and common areas.

Also, if ever you were to decide to wander around the island – you can get unlimited cellphone data coverage for $18 per month via prepaid service of Claro.

‘‘… after witnessing the internet speed test at the villa, I realized that although we are now thousands of kms away from ‘‘home’’ in a Caribbean paradise; the connectivity here empowers our group to offer unique added value services to our clients for hiring, coaching and training in real time with perfect quality of service…

This is what I call creating a new unique inspiring work environment!’’ says Hugo Berger.