Frequently Asked Questions

Why hold a destination Island Wedding?

Quite simply, your special day deserves the most memorable setting possible – and we can't think of any place more magical than Sunrise Villa. And since many couples find that their family and friends will be traveling for the event anyway, why not entice them to a tropical paradise where they can celebrate your wedding AND enjoy a relaxing vacation?

Is an Island Wedding right for us and our guests?

We believe it will be – but it might make sense to contact those special friends and family members without whom your wedding just wouldn't be the same, and see what they think. Consider e-mailing or mailing them a message like this: -

As someone special in our lives whom we want to have at our wedding, we wanted to let you know that we're considering an Island Wedding at Sunrise Villa in the Dominican Republic, and to find out whether you could join us.

The plan would be to spend a week together at the villa with our closest family and friends from (date) to (date). Estimated travel expenses would be approximately $2,000 per person, including airfare and a one-week stay at Sunrise Villa, with airport transfers, taxes and full meal plan.

We would love to hold our wedding at Sunrise Villa and to share this significant time in our lives with you, but we wanted to check with our most important guests before making this decision. Please let us know what you think.

How many guests can Sunrise Villa accommodate?

Sunrise Villa accommodates 16 adults or a group of 26 adults and children in our 8 air-conditioned suites.

To accommodate larger groups, several additional villa rentals are available within our immediate area, including one right next door, and there is also an ocean-view hotel, La Catalina, just 5 minutes away.

Your Sunrise Villa Wedding Coordinator can assist you with options, pricing and reservations.

For more details, see about our accommodations for extra guests.

How far in advance should we plan our Island Wedding?

To allow time for you and your guests to plan and make travel arrangements, we recommend confirming your dates with Sunrise Villa no less than 6 months in advance.

Once you have your reservations at Sunrise Villa, planning the details and layout of your Island Wedding will begin about 2 months prior to your arrival.

What is included in a Sunrise Villa Island Wedding?

Everything you need for an elegant, unforgettable event – from the flowers, the decorations, and a personal hair stylist for the bride, to both the rehearsal dinner and a surf-and-turf wedding dinner, live music, and the services of our experienced wedding photographer. Discover the Sunrise Villa Island Wedding package, or or (809) 720-0089 to determine the availability of the villa for your dates. We'll be happy to place a limited hold on those dates to give you a chance to communicate with your friends and family.

Your rental dates will be secured once a deposit of one-half of the rental fee has been received. Until then, dates cannot be guaranteed.

The balance of the rental fee, plus the cost of the wedding package you select, is due 30 days prior to your arrival.

The transfer fees, meals, and other charges are payable at the villa. Personal checks are fine.

What is the weather like in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic has island temperatures that stay around 25-30 degrees Celsius, or 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, throughout the year. Rains are more likely around May and September.

What is the best attire for an Island Wedding?

We suggest that the bride's and her attendants' attire should take into consideration the warm island temperatures. The attire for the wedding party and attending guests is customarily casually elegant and comfortable. See what some of our wedding parties have chosen in our Wedding Photo Gallery.

Elegant or casual beach-style footwear is recommended – and a barefoot bride is not uncommon.